Talking with a “D”

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What is a “D”? Dominant
They are driven by results, competitive, logical & decisive

How to spot a “D”

Charges right into issue.

“Market’s going down, how are you?”

Fast & abbreviated.

“Susan? Dan. Bob there?”

All business, confident, demanding.

Solve problems…quickly!

Power Cues
They determine time & place.

“I’ll call you at 3:00 PM tomorrow.”

How to Talk with a “D”

Approach: ABC’s
Be Abridged, Brief & Concise.

Wants to Know
What it does, by when, and what it costs.

Maintain fast pace or be perceived as incompetent.

Options & supportive analysis.

Save Them Time
Be efficient & help them accomplish their goals.

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About the Author:

Miss Bonnie Burn, with 30 years of training expertise, is the Authorized Master DISC Certification Trainer for DISCcert. She transferred her extensive knowledge of training and assessments into the hot-selling “Assessments A to Z” training book and She has trained and coached over 420,000 people using DISC, in corporate, government and non-profit organizations. In addition, teaches full day DISC Trainings for California State University Systemwide Professional Development; Miss Burn’s DISC Assessment, designed Dr. Tony Alessandra; is the most up-to-date, user-friendly, online DISC Assessment. In 2007, Bonnie Burn developed and launched her highly comprehensive and interactive two day DISC Certification Program.