Talking with an “S”

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What is an “S”? Steady
They are relationship oriented, team focused & consistent

How to spot an “S”


Opens with a personal greeting.


 “Hi there Susan, how are you today? How are those lovely kids?”


Methodical, process-driven, contemplative.


Friendly, compassionate & soft-spoken.


Relationships, natural listeners.

 “Joe, if you need help on that report, just let me know.”

Power Cues
Family photos, mementos & serene artwork.

How to Talk with an “S”

Non-threatening, want s to know something personal about you first.

To know where they fit into the group & that their work matters.

Give them time to prepare.

“We will be reviewing department changes 2 months from now on June 29th.”

A secure environment with as little surprises as possible.

Save Them
Embarrassment. Prefer quiet one-on-one recognition rather than high profile.

“Mary, great job on the presentation yesterday. It’s being seriously considered by the executive team.”

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