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2 Day DISC Certification

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Designed and facilitated by Master DISC Certification Trainer, Bonnie Burn – DISCcert Inc.

2 Day DISC Certification – Schedule

Th Apr 27th and Fri Apr 28th, 2017 8:30 to 4:30
Th Aug 24th and Fri Aug 25th, 2017 8:30 to 4:30
Th Oct 26th and Fri Oct 27th, 2017 8:30 to 4:30
Th Dec 7th and Fri Dec 8th, 2017 8:30 to 4:30
* Breakfast and Lunch Included

8am to 4:30pm

National University Headquarter’s Building
Chancellors’ Board Room
11255 N. Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037
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Only $2995

2 Day DISC Certification – Program Features

Highly interactive, Self-Study Assignments, Trainers Learn by Teaching, Comprehensive

2 Day DISC Certification – Applications

This 2 Day DISC Certification Program empowers You, the HR/Training Professional to learn the DISC Model inside and out. You will gain competence and confidence in delivering DISC to your organization, whether it’s for coaching or implementing company-wide. You will be able to provide your employees with DISC training resources, tools and show them how to use it to increase communication effectiveness in all interactions: peers, internal clients, their staff and their manager. This in turn helps to create a culture that makes communicating successfully a priority.

How to Skillfully Apply DISC to Organizational Challenges:

Career Matching
Conflict Resolution
New Employee Orientation
Productive Meetings
Strategic Planning
Change Management
Customer Service
Leadership Programs
Up Mergers, Acquisitions
Management Skills
Performance Dev Plans
Sales Training
And more…

Learn Best Practices for Best DISC Training ROI:

Getting Buy-in From All Levels
Select Training Format
Interpret Graphs for Quick Recall
Gap Analysis Empowers
Automated Weekly DISC Tips
Use Email Signatures to Educate
Practical Pre-work
Customize Learning Activities
Group Graphs Tell a Story
Use Job Aids with a Purpose
Company Newsletters Reinforce DISC
Incorporate Follow-up into Scheduled Meetings

2 Day DISC Certification – Objectives

  • Delve into why understanding self and others is the key to performance improvement and productivity.
  • Learn proven models to enhance personal and organizational results.
  • Simplify complex issues of human behavior.
  • Identify specific communication strategies to use with each of the different DISC behavioral styles.
  • Learn how to effectively read and interpret DISC graphs.
  • Develop implementation plans for a variety of learning outcomes, including coaching, conflict resolution, leadership, management, sales, customer-service and teambuilding applications.

2 Day DISC Certification –  Outline

Part 1 – Learn the DISC Model, Tools & 24 Learning Activities

  • Basic History of DISC & Key Validation Facts
  • How to Explain DISC in Simple Terms
  • How to Use Leader’s Guide & Power-point with DISC Report Easily
  • DISC Graph Interpretations…. What to Look For?
  • How to Use the DISC Report as an Effective Workbook
  • How to Incorporate DISC Learning Activities into your Instructional Design

Part 2 – Implementing the DISC in Your Organization

  • Handling the Most Commonly Asked Questions (eg. Is DISC a personality test?)
  • What DISC Pre-work is Realistic & Yields Maximum Results
  • Best Practices Presentations by Prior DISC Certificate Graduates
  • How to Use DISC for Team-building, Leadership Dev, Coaching,… 17 Applications!
  • How to Customize the DISC for your organization.
  • How to Keep DISC Application Alive in your organization.

2 Day DISC Certification – Materials

2 Day DISC Certification – Materials
(24/7 Access ONLINE– You CAN CUSTOMIZE! – No Renewal Required)

  • DISC Training Leader’s Guide – Scripted in Detail for each PPT Slide.
  • 3 Animated Professionally Produces DISC PPTs for 4 Hr, 2.5 Hr & 90 Minute Formats
  • 3 DISC Lesson Plans and DISC Lesson Plan – Action Worksheet to Assist.
  • 20 DISC Learning Activities with Applications for Small and Large Groups
  • e-DISC Book, People Smarts in Business, by Dr. Tony Alessandra
  • 10 DISC Series Handouts. E.g. “How do you know it’s a D Leading a Meeting”
  •  5 Additional DISC PPTs by Prior Graduates
  • 10 DISC Best Practices Featuring Trainers who Use DISC with Success
  • 6 Recordings of DISC Talks. e.g. DISC Trainer shared “How to Keep DISC Alive”
  • Automated Weekly DISC Tips
  • Admin Site with Tutorials, 1 on 1 Over the Phone Training & ongoing Tech Support
  • Facebook: “DISC Connection” where Trainers Learn from One Another
  • And Much More!

Who is the Instructor?

Bonnie Burn, Master DISC Certification Trainer

  • Author of Assessments A to Z; Jossey Bass Publishing
  • Certified Trainer with Blanchard, Achieve Global, DDI, Talent Smart
  • Over 25 Years of Developing & Delivering Training Programs

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