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Online DISC Certification

Live Webinar DISC Certification Series
by Master DISC Certification Trainer, Bonnie Burn

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Designed and facilitated by Master DISC Certification Trainer, Bonnie Burn – DISCcert Inc.

Webinar Series Schedule

Each series includes 4 consecutive Wednesdays.Webinars are from 11am – 12noon PST.

Wed May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th 2017 11 AM PST
Wed Jun 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 2017 11 AM PST
Wed Jul 19th, 26th, & Aug 2nd, 9th 2017 11 AM PST
Wed Sep 20th, 27th & Oct 4th, 11th, 2017 11 AM PST
Wed Oct 25th & Nov 1st, 8th, 15th, 2017 11 AM PST

Times: 11 to 12 noon PST

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Webinar #1 Program Overview, DISC Essentials

  • What DISC history is important to know? What does DISC measure? Not measure?
  • What are Invalid Graphs? Pre-work necessary? What is difference between Graph I & II?
  • What if someone says “My DISC is wrong?”
  • What are most common DISC interpretation mistakes?

Webinar #2 Facilitator’s DISC Training Packet

  • DISC training lesson plan & DISC training PowerPoint presentations with notes
  • What is practical flow of a DISC Training? How should it end?
  • Which activities quickly explain the model & the value of applying at work?
  • What if you only have an hour? a full day?

Webinar #3 Facilitator’s DISC Coaching Packet

  • How do you use DISC Facilitator’s Coaching Packet to interpret & debrief DISC results?
  • How do you minimize “pushback?”
  • Do you debrief a staff member’s DISC than a manager’s?
  • What if time and budget constraints prohibit debriefing Participants prior to a Training?

Webinar #4 DISC Implementation

  • DISC Follow-up, DISC Admin Site, 200 DISC Resources, DISC Support
  • What are the most common applications for DISC?
  • How do you launch a DISC Program successfully in an organization?
  • Does DISC Follow-up have to be formal? What are some proven, reinforcement methods?
  • How to access 200 Free DISC Resources? How do you use your DISC Admin Site?

Program includes a one hour one on one phone coaching session with Master DISC Certification Trainer.

An open book exam – follows the end of the four-part webinar course.

Graduates of the online webinar series and recorded sessions will also receive access to:

  • A one-hour, one-on-one coaching session with DISCcert CEO Bonnie
  • DISCcert’s more than 200 DISC Training Resources
  • DISCcert’s weekly automated DISC Tips
  • Access to the DISCcert LinkedIn Group
  • e-DISC Book “People Smart in Business.”

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