Bonnie Burn, Master DISC Facilitator for 30+ years, is here to shorten your DISC facilitation learning curve.

Bonnie's DISC facilitation techniques make all the difference. 

I'm Bonnie, and I'm delighted to work with you. Your organizations need you to master DISC facilitation quickly so that they can turn poorly functioning teams into places people want to work. I've spent over 30 years mastering DISC and developing accelerated, strategic DISC facilitation for trainers.

Having certified over 1000 DISC facilitators, here's a few things I've learned about what works and what doesn't.

DISC lesson plans need to be customizable.

DISC exercises selected should address all four styles.

DISC facilitation requires engaging participants' brains and bodies.

As Trainers and HR professionals, we see it all.

  • Leaders who don't understand different participation styles.

  • A manager who bullies his team.

  • Employees who feel left out or overlooked in team meetings.

As someone who has helped over 100,000 employees and leaders learn DISC, I know the power of DISC to provide leaders, teams and employees with the insights and tools they need to resolve interpersonal problems. And I want to share that expertise with you.


A few facts about Bonnie

Bonnie knows how to bring DISC concepts alive with salient examples and exercises that will turn you into the best DISC facilitator you can possibly be. She has trained in the following work sectors: 

  • Corporate

  • Government

  • Academic

  • Non-Profit


She is an Author of Assessments A to Z and a Behavioral Analyst. She is Certified in Emotional Intelligence, Situational Leadership, with DDI, Achieve Global and Langevin Instructional Design. 


Bonnie was a National Sales Trainer with ADVO and received national recognition from her work as Advertising Sales Training Manager.

Bonnie launched her own international training firm in 1994, specializing in team building, management skills and communication strategies.


In 2007, she introduced DISCcert Certification, which has evolved into one of the nation's leading DISC Certification Training Program.

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