Master DISC facilitation, shift company culture and attain instant credibility.

International CEU Credits

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What's in DISCcert's DISC Certification Program?

  • 5 Sections over 5 weeks of eLearning combined with Coaching Calls

  • ​Practical, results-oriented approach (not a bunch of theory)

  • DISC reports & participant learning activity workbook (2 for 1)

  • Feedback on pre-work & self-study assignments

  • Access to weekly live group Coaching

  • Complimentary DISC Assessments

  • 500+ Ultimate DISC customizable training resources

  • Time-saving PPTs, lesson plans, and templates

You'll have 5 weeks to learn, practice, and learn more

Free resources to save you tons of time

# 1: DISC Model

  • Introduction to DISC

  • History

  • Validation Study

  • Defining DISC Style Behaviors

  • Applying Pace and Priority Questions

  • Web #1 Live Webinar or Webinar Recording

#2: Interpreting DISC Graphs

  • Deep dive into:

    • Combination Styles

    • Invalid Graphs

    • Adapted Graphs

  • How to interpret graphs with accuracy and confidence

  • DISC Core Reports

  • Web #2 Live Webinar or Webinar Recording

Strategies only a master knows

#3: Facilitation Tools and Techniques

  • DISC Support Reports


  • Lesson Plans

  • Learning Activities

  • Web #3 Live Webinar or Webinar Recording

#4: DISC Coaching

  • Application Scenarios

  • DISC Coaching Worksheet

  • Prep Steps

  • Handling Employee Resistance

  • Web #4 Live Webinar or Webinar Recording

Training AND coaching? We've got it covered.

#5: DISC Implementation

  • DISC Resources

  • DISC Admin Site Training

  • DISC Best Practices

  • DISC Topic Options

  • DISC Training Steps

  • Your DISC Action Plan

  • Web #5 Live Webinar or Webinar Recording

Implementation is key.

Additional Bonuses

  • Monthly DISC webinars to continue mastering facilitation techniques

  • Weekly DISC tips to keep your trainings fresh and interesting

  • Ultimate DISC community on Facebook

  • Graduation and post-graduation follow-up support

All the support you need to succeed

What's my investment?


✔ DISC Model

✔ Interpreting Graphs

✔ Facilitation Tools 

✔ DISC Coaching

✔ DISC Implementation Plan

   Bonus & Special Features

✔ Weekly Live Group Coaching

✔ 4 comp. DISC Assessments 

✔ Interactive Lessons

✔ 5 Comprehensive Sections over 5 weeks

✔ Interactive Discussion 

Online DISC Certification Program

w/ Access to Weekly Live Group Coaching

$3,995 Per Person

DISCcert Graduates are

Leading Their Organizations to Greatness

I chose DISCcert because I like Bonnie’s straightforward style, her tools, and her integrity.

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Michael Gray 

Director, D


I love DISCcert’s program. Bonnie makes everything available as part of your Certification, instead of charging separately for each tool.

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Bill Harshman

Sr. Organizational & Talent Development Specialist, I

DISCcert Certification cut my learning curve in half.

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Erin Behrendt

Learning and Development Manager, CS


Bonnie’s hands-on, friendly high-customer services approach made a difference. It’s why I chose DISCcert for my DISC Certification.

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Dr. Hector Escalante

Ombudsman at the University of the Pacific, S

DISCcert made it easy. Resources for my DISC Webinars are ready to go and saved me weeks of design work.

Get DISCcert Certified and get your CEU Credits

DISCcert is approved by SHRM, HRCI, ATD, and CCE for professional and educational credits. Trainers who complete the TOTAL DISC Certification Training Program will receive CEUs upon graduation from the Program. To find out how many CEUs you can earn, contact Jaime McBride.


Jaime McBride 

Accreditation Administrator 

DISCcert Certified Trainer & Coach


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International CEU Credits

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FAQs about DISCcert's DISC Certification

Q. How does this DISC Facilitation Certification program differ from others?

A. DISCcert Certification focuses on helping you make DISC come alive for your trainees. You'll prepare them to use their new DISC understanding immediately. Get ready for team leads to be knocking on your door, begging for you to facilitate a DISC training for their team.

Q. How many hours total is the program?

A. 12 hours of online instruction + self-study assignments

Q. Why is the program structured over a 5-week period?

A. You'll have a week to practice what you learn in each session, and then come back to learn more. This approach creates facilitation mastery as you layer on your learning.

Q. Will we practice facilitating DISC in the online training?

A. Absolutely. You'll be teamed up and your small group will practice DISC facilitation during every session. You'll also have additional practice opportunities available outside of the training.

Q. Do I have to pay extra for the DISC facilitation workbook, PPT, etc.

A. No. Over 500 resources, including your workbook and key facilitation tools, are provided as part of your training.

Q. What happens after I graduate?

A. Your DISCcert Certification credential is for life and so is our ongoing support. We'll send you tested exercises and facilitation tips weekly, so you obtain DISC facilitation mastery.