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“Why Get DISC Certified?” by Bonnie Burn DISC Expert

Featured Grad – Ann Smith
Microsoft’s Learning and Development Manager for Legal and Corporate Affairs

Ann Smith

“Our organization at Microsoft has had great success in implementing DISCcert’s DISC assessment program,” said Ann Smith, Microsoft’s Learning and Development Manager for Legal and Corporate Affairs. “We offer a DISC communication styles class to teams within our department. One of our greatest successes has been in using DISCcert’s DISC email decoding learning activity. We receive feedback from managers and department heads about how they have immediately applied this concept in their working environment.” 

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    Bonnie is amazing! I attended her DISC certification course over a year ago and have been working with her ever since. She is not only a fantastic facilitator, but she has also become my mentor. I am always going to her for questions and to get her expertise. She is so knowledgeable and patient. I truly can’t believe how much time she has invested in me and in all her students to make sure they are successful with DISC. I am now incorporating DISC at my workplace and it’s an absolute hit. I am always in touch with Bonnie for tips and tricks and really don’t know what I’d do without her. So grateful I went with Bonnie to get certified rather than any other place, her dedication to her students is truly one of a kind. I definitely recommend her for anything DISC related. She will not disappoint!
    Parisa Ezzatyar Training and Development Manager at Yahoo!
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