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Why DISCcert Certification Now?

The world just pushed reset. Now is the time to engage your workforce, ignite their passion, and help them tap into their desire to connect with each other in an effective, respectful way.


You can help create a culture in which people love going to work. Get DISCcert Certified today!

DISCcert Certification can give you a 2-year jumpstart

Your organization desperately needs you. As a Trainer, you know how to engage people, inspire them and give them clarity. The problem is, you're already busy and don't have hours to put into prep work for every training you facilitate. And developing a DISC facilitation program can take years. You need to master DISC facilitation in weeks, not years.


Over 30 years in the making, DISCcert's Certification program was developed to cut years off your learning curve. If you're fine just reading a manual and winging it, DISCcert is not for you. If you want to facilitate trainings that change the way people see themselves and each other—and then use those insights to make real, lasting differences in people's lives—you want DISCcert certification.

I'm Bonnie Burn, Master DISC Facilitator for 30+ years

I'm here because I care about supporting you, the Trainer.

I've spent over 30 years mastering and facilitating DISC, and I love it. Having certified over 1000 DISC facilitators, and authored Assessments A to Z, I know what works and what doesn't. This training will save you valuable time, and I can guarantee you that your DISC training will be successful from the very first time you deliver it.

International CEU Credits

DISCcert gave me the facilitation techniques I needed to deliver successful DISC training from day one!

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Michelle Benvensti 
Senior Director Learning and Development, DI

DISCcert’s customizable tools were just what I needed and a big time-saver!

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Leona Newell

VP of Human Resources, High I

Bonnie’s phenomenal to work with I wanted to learn from the best the Master DISC Certification Trainer, Bonnie.

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Melissa MacCollum
Manager, Talent Programs, CS

DISCcert's expertise with Online Virtual Certification Training was exceptional

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Moira Shaughnessy
 Program Manager, Leadership Development Division, SIc

What's in DISCcert's DISC Certification Program?

  • 5 live online webinars over 5 consecutive weeks (1.5 hours each)

  • Practical, results-oriented approach (not a bunch of theory)

  • DISC reports & participant learning activity workbook (2 for 1)

  • Weekly skill development with a partner

  • Feedback on pre-work & self-study assignments

  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • E-book on DISC: People Smarts in Business

  • 6 complimentary DISC Assessments

  • 500+ Ultimate DISC customizable training resources

  • Time-saving PPTs, lesson plans, and templates

Webinar 1: Introduction to Fundamental Tools

Webinar 2: Introduction to DISC Model, Assessments and Styles

Webinar 3: Working with DISC Reports and Coaching

Webinar 4: Implementating DISC Training in the Workplace

Webinar 5: Advancing to Facilitation Mastery

"Seriously your program single-handedly changed how I approach my teaching, my coaching and my communication. Thank YOU!!"

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3 Steps to DISCcert's DISC Certification

What's at stake if you don't get DISCcert Certified?

Interested in joining thousands of DISCcert Certified Trainers?

Talk to Bonnie and ask her any questions you have about the DISC Certification program. She's here for you.